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Acura CSX is a five-passenger car manufactured by Honda Acura North American branch. This model was first introduced to the market in 2005 and pushed its Honda Civic IX predecessor into the background right off the bat.

The market saw two versions of Acura CSX – Touring and Premium. The technical properties of Acura CSX from 2005 model year can be well characterized by VTEC engine supplied with multipoint petrol injection system and VVEL DOHC. The car is equipped with 2,0 L 157 HP power pack and 5-speed manual or automatic transmission. The top speed is restricted by 200 km/h. It takes 9,0 seconds for the car to reach 100 km/h and unfortunately this figure is much worse than the figures shown by Acura EL. The car curb weight is 1290 kg and its city fuel efficiency is 8,4 per 100 km.

Good steering response is secured by independent front McPherson type suspension supplied with stabilizer and spiral spring multilink rear suspension.

This dynamic and sportive Acura CSX looks really confident on the road at any time and in every kind of weather.

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