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Acura MDX is a dynamic five-door 4x4 manufactured by North American Honda branch. The upgraded second generation version was introduced to the market in December 2009.

The original body shape and false front grill make the car look even more aggressive. The adjusted steering booster system and rigid mount of suspension trailing arm have added good steering response to it.

Acura MDX distinguishes itself for the dynamic exterior and remarkable interior design. The interior comes with Milano leather upholstery, convenient switchboard with all the indicators and buttons and air conditioned front seats. Unlike Acura CL this model is supplied with such conveniences as weather tracking system and traffic monitoring system with route changing option.

The impressive dimensions of upgraded 4x4 Acura MDX make it a car of true business-class: length – 4867 mm, width – 2238 mm, height – 1733 mm.

Safety provided by dead zone controller, perfect technical properties of Acura MDX and wide range of optional functions secure safe driving at any time and in all conditions.

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List of Acura MDX specifications

Full list of Acura specifications
Years Modification Name Hp Engine Length 0-100 Km/h Max speed
2001 - 2003 Acura MDX 3.5 i V6 24V 228 hp 3471 cm³ 4788 mm 9.0 sec. 180 Km/h
2003 - 2013 Acura MDX 3.5 i V6 24V 263 hp 3471 cm³ 4789 mm — sec. 190 Km/h
2001 - 2003 Acura MDX 3.5 i V6 24V 243 hp 3471 cm³ 4788 mm 9.0 sec. 190 Km/h

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