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Acura ZDX is an all-wheel drive sport car designed as an analog for Bavarian BMW X6. Honda connoisseurs created a pretty big five-door Acura ZDX car in configuration of crossover-hatchback with coupe profile. The door handles are recessed into the pillars giving the car individual look. Acura’s wheel base is much shorter than its German prototype’s base, having almost identical length. Such an off-road coupe could have only been fitted with Honda V-6 3,7L engine, that couldn’t but only improve technical properties of Acura ZDX. This engine is supplied with 6-speed automatic transmission with SportShift sequential mode. All-wheel drive SH-AWD system transmits drive to all wheels.

As well as its BMW counterpart, the Japanese car has an independent suspension. Acura ZDX interior resembles of Honda Accord interior that was designed for European market. The car has a huge panoramic roof that Acura TL should only be envious of. However it enters the rear door, restricting the vision. Still the car is equipped with around view cameras, giving the view even to the dead zones. Standard packages of Acura ZDX are fitted with high-end stereo system and satellite navigation.

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