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Brand «Alpine» racer Jean Redel created in 1954 and released under this brand cars, with coupe only. Cradle of brand «Alpine» port town of Dieppe was that about 150 km north-west of Paris. Here was located a modest car workshop in the late 40's legacy 24-year-old Jean Roedel from his father. At first, things went from novice businessman hard, since the process of post-war France, motorization has not yet gained momentum. To form the initial capital M. Roedel arranged repair army vehicles. And he began patiently to hoard centimes and francs to one day realize his dream.

Alpine was the first car built on the Renault 4CV, but the company has made a name for himself on the other models - A110 1962. At the same time selling cars in the showrooms of Renault. The triumphal procession of the model A110 began in 1970 with victories racer Jean-Luc Terje on a world championship rally in the Akropolis in San Remo and Bernard Darnisha in Corsica. In January of next year in Monte Carlo has been successful the new team rider Alpine - Swede Ove Andersson and his colleagues - Terje M. and Jean-Claude Andre - taken at this stage of the second and third places. After further victories in the Akropolis, San Remo and Switzerland, the Alpine Rally in the season of 1971, brought the Alpine A110 first place in the Championship manufacturers. In 1973, the A110 car once again proved their superiority, brilliantly acted in Monte Carlo, Portugal, San Remo, Morocco, Corsica and Acropolis. By this time the Renault group bought a large stake in Alpine - is now legendary runners were called Alpine-Renault.

Although the production of cars still was in Dieppe, their assembly was carried out in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and even Bulgaria. Interestingly, the Alpine products depending on their own, so to speak, was the origin of the distinctive national characteristics. For example, the body of the Spanish 110 was made by thicker glass, which was dictated by the specifics of the Iberian Peninsula roads. In turn, the French A110 assembly was the most reliable electrical equipment. The last instance of 110 - modification A110 1600 SX with 95-horsepower engine from the Renault 16 TX - was collected in July 1977, when Renault has become the full owner of Alpine. Following the A110, a model 310.

In the early 80s of last century the company has developed a model of the GTA, which was similar to the A310. It is produced in small quantities, but then the competition has become tougher and the brand is not just survived - in 1994 the brand «Alpine» gone forever.

Alpine model range

Alpine Technical Specifications

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Alpine: Country of origin (FR)
Model Max Power 0-100 Km/h Mixt
1 1977 Alpine A310 TX 94HP (69 kW) @ 6000 rpm n/a 6.7 l/100km
2 1976 Alpine A310 V6 152HP (111 kW) @ 6000 rpm n/a 6.7 l/100km
3 1976 Alpine A310 V6 152HP (111 kW) @ 6000 rpm 7.6 seconds 6.7 l/100km
4 1976 Alpine A110 SX 94HP (69 kW) @ 6000 rpm n/a 6.7 l/100km
5 1975 Alpine A310i 123HP (91 kW) @ 6200 rpm 10.4 seconds 6.7 l/100km
6 1972 Alpine A110 1600S Tour de France 139HP (102 kW) @ 6000 rpm n/a 6.7 l/100km
7 1972 Alpine A110 85 Tour de France 82HP (60 kW) @ 5900 rpm n/a 6.7 l/100km
8 1971 Alpine A110 1600S 128HP (94 kW) @ 6250 rpm n/a 6.7 l/100km
9 1971 Alpine A310 128HP (94 kW) @ 6250 rpm n/a 6.7 l/100km
10 1968 Alpine A110 1300 119HP (88 kW) @ 7200 rpm n/a 6.7 l/100km

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