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German brand name «Audi» is known worldwide for about a century. Audi company was brought into life in 1910 by a court verdict. The court has been processing a case of accusation of August Horch versus his colleagues from the Horch company. As a result of a conflict with his partners a naughty man Horch had to leave his own company established in 1899.

Later he created a new company in the same city having given it his own name. The two companies of same name had not been existed though in same small town for long. The court verdict assigned the second company a new name «Audi» which has same meaning in Latin as the German «Horch» – to listen.

The «Audi» company has been manufacturing simple motor cars before the Second World War. Still, its special designed car makes had won numerous car racing competitions.

Manufacturing of the first to come post war passenger car of the company – Auto Union DKW started in 1950. As there was no sufficient production area in Ingolstadt the company bought a plot of land in Dusseldorf where it had been manufacturing the DKW model till the end of 1961.

The year of 1970 is the start of exporting of Audi cars to the United States. The exporting has been initially limited to Audi Super 90 model (Sedan and station wagon) as well as the new designed Audi 100. Starting from 1973 the exporting has been expanded with Audi 80 which unlike the European version has been also manufactured as station wagon. After some time the Audi models have been given special designation in the USA market: Audi 4000 for Audi 80 and Audi 5000 for Audi 100.

A unique model – Audi Quattro was designed by the company in 1980. The said car has been special due to its perfect (for those years) full drive gear. Modern modifications of same gear are the distinguishing characteristic of many of Audi models today. Appearance of mass manufactured full drive cars in the market is considered a revolutionary stage of car production. First coming Audi Quattro cars were mostly intended for sports competitions which had made it possible to check reliability of new design models. This influenced creation of new trend in designing of series production cars both for sports and every day use.

Development of Audi brand went fast starting from the nineties of the past century.

The German company issued and offered to the market one technical novelty after another provoking envy of competitors: first in the world aluminum car body for series production car (model A8), perfection variator with metal multi line belt (modelA6), active head lights and so on.

Today the Audi Company, comprised by VW Concern is one of the favorites of the world car manufacturing. During long years the Audi cars have acquired a reputation synonymous to reliability, technical perfection, comfort, stability, etc.

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