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The German company established by Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto in 1916 carried a name of « Bavaria aviation plants». Those times nobody could develop an idea that a company would ever turn into an automobile producing giant manufacturer.

Most of its pre-war period BMW developed under the sign of air plane engines manufacturing.

During this period they developed their famous «in-line six» – the engine originally designed for aviation industry and then taken for car manufacture.

In 1928 the BMW Company purchased an automotive plant in Aizenach (Turingia) and soon bought a license to manufacture the car brand of DIXI. In 1933 the company presented a limousine car with a specific BMW design component – radiator front grill with the two ovals. The BMW has also distinguished itself in the sports field having issued a small series (beyond 500 units) of the 328 model, which had set the tone for sporty coupe for rather a long time.

The Second World War has completely ruined the economy of Germany and the BMW Concern has not been the exclusion in that situation. Part of manufacturing facilities had been given up and left behind in the territory of the GDR while the main sales market – Germany itself has not been existed at all by reason of financial inconsistency of its population. Looking for the way out from the crisis the former aviation company has first organized the manufacturing of motor cycles and then the manufacturing of cycle cars by Izetta license with a single door in front. The first post-war car was manufactured by the company in 1951.

Having survived through the acute crisis caused by a loss in the market sector of large limousine cars in 1959 the Company launched mass production of their first model winning overall recognition – BMW 700.

The sixties and the seventies passed by in intensive development of manufacturing which was facilitated by demand for motor cycles and the fast economic development of the country.

In the end of the seventies the design engineering bureau of the BMW Company started the development of engines with digital control and in the beginning of the eighties they introduced the ABC system. The year of 1988 is the start of manufacturing of the first German post-war auto equipped with the 12 cylinder engine – the Z1 roadster.

Steadily expanding the Company opened a big number of branch offices all over the world during the period of the nineties of the past century. Same time the Company bought the Rolls-Royce brand and made an agreement for supply of eight and twelve cylinder engines for these brand motor cars.

At present BMW are aggressive developing new technologies and use them in the latest models of their cars. Actually all international motor shows and exhibitions of last years have the newly design cars of the Company presented thus proving the fact that all the departments of the Company do continuous work for the benefit of the drivers.

BMW model range

BMW Technical Specifications

Full list of BMW specifications
BMW: Country of origin (DE)
Model Max Power 0-100 Km/h Mixt
1 2011 BMW 525d Touring Automatic 218HP (160 kW) @ 4400 rpm 7.2 seconds 5.1 l/100km
2 2011 BMW 640d Coupé 313HP (230 kW) @ 4400 rpm 5.5 seconds 5.4 l/100km
3 2011 BMW 116i Automatic 136HP (100 kW) @ 4400 rpm 9.1 seconds 5.6 l/100km
4 2011 BMW 520d Touring 184HP (135 kW) @ 4000 rpm 8.3 seconds 4.9 l/100km
5 2011 BMW 530i Automatic 272HP (200 kW) @ 6100 rpm 6.6 seconds 7.4 l/100km
6 2011 BMW X3 xDrive30d 258HP (190 kW) @ 4000 rpm 6.2 seconds 6 l/100km
7 2011 BMW 528i Touring 245HP (181 kW) @ 5000 rpm 6.4 seconds 7.1 l/100km
8 2011 BMW i3 Concept n/a 7.9 seconds n/a
9 2011 BMW 520i Touring Automatic 184HP (135 kW) @ 5000 rpm 8.4 seconds 6.7 l/100km
10 2011 BMW 120d 184HP (135 kW) @ 4000 rpm 7.2 seconds 4.5 l/100km
BMW: Country of origin (ZA)
Model Max Power 0-100 Km/h Mixt
1 1991 BMW 325iS Mk 2 211HP (155 kW) @ 5920 rpm 7.4 seconds n/a
2 1991 BMW 325iS E30 197HP (145 kW) @ 5800 rpm 7.5 seconds 11 l/100km
3 1985 BMW 333i E30 196HP (144 kW) @ 5500 rpm 7.23 seconds 11 l/100km
4 1983 BMW 745i E23 285HP (210 kW) @ 6500 rpm 7 seconds 11 l/100km
5 1983 BMW 745i Automatic 286HP (210 kW) @ 6500 rpm n/a n/a
6 1976 BMW 530 MLE E12 199HP (146 kW) @ 6000 rpm 9.3 seconds 11 l/100km
7 1970 BMW 2000 SA 101HP (75 kW) @ 5500 rpm n/a n/a

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