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History of the company Brabus began with an ordinary show-room for car sales of Mercedes-Benz, organized in 1977 by the father of the current owner of the company Bodo Buschmann.

Nothing would have distinguished Brabus now from other dealers that sell cars of Mercedes-Benz if not for the emerging slow decline from simple sales and maintenance of cars and movement towards fulfillment of special orders coming from time to time from queer customers of various kinds.

Someone wants to have his car painted into a special color, someone - replace fabric upholstery to leather and someone wants to make a more powerful engine.

And soon Brabus began specializing exclusively on car tuning of Mercedes, and made it quite profound.

In 1985 a modest sedan of W201 series (190E) was implanted with a 5-liter "eight" taken from the S-Class of that time (Mercedes in cooperation with the Porsche company made a model 500E only in 1990, and even it was made based on the E-Class with W124 body).

And next year, Brabus got into Guinness Book of Records for the creation of a set of hinged spoilers reducing Cx (drag coefficient) of W124 sedan down to an impressive value of 0.26, which would have been unthinkable without a serious approach to tuning.

Now the preparation of a package of improvements for any car of Mercedes-Benz is a well-established pattern.

Sketches and drawings of hinged parts and accessories are being created, which change the appearance and the interior of the car in compliance with a single corporate identity.

They select parameters for non-standard springs, dampers and anti-roll bars, which, together with the use of wheels with larger dimension super low-profile tires are intended to improve car handling and stability tires designed to improve handling and stability.

Several options for increasing the capacity of each engine of Mercedes-Benz are being developed from a simple mounting of cam shaft with modified profile cams to virtually building another engine with larger cylinder block and another crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons.

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