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The company was established in 1919 and engaged in building car bodies in the town of Coventry (England). From the 40s of the last century the company «Carbodies Ltd» specializes in production of the taxi FX3. In 1959, the company worked on the design of FX4. In 1973 the «Carbodies Ltd» company was bought by the Financial Group of «Manganese Bronze Holdings», which united several companies associated with the taxi. In 1984 they formed a new company «LTI» - London Taxis International, which manufactures and sells taxi. During the existence of «London Taxis International» there were produced more than 100,000 taxis, including Fairway Drive in 1992, Fairway Driver-Plus in 1993, Fairway 95 in 1994 and TXI in 1997. In early 2002 the company launched a taxi TXII.

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