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The China First Automobile Group Corporation (now FAW) was founded in 1953 in China. It is still one of the leading automobile manufacturing companies in The People’s Republic of China. The head office of FAW and some of its factories are located in the north-east of China in Changchun city. The company started manufacturing Jiefang CA10 trucks in 1956. The first LCVs were produced in 1958 and these were Dongfend СА 71 and Hongqi. In 1960-s the company launched minibuses into production. FAW cooperates with such companies as Volkswagen, Volvo, Audi, Mazda, Toyota, having joint manufacture with them. In 1997 the First Automobile Group repurchased the Jinbei Automobile Co. During 1980-1990 the company bought a number of such automobile companies as Wuxi, Huandu, Lanjian, Jinbei and Zhonghai. In 1992 the company was renamed as the First Auto Works (FAW).

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