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Most popular vehicle of the «AM General» company still up to now is Hummer. History of «AM General» began in 1903, when «Standart Wheel Company» which have been manufacturing bikes, decided to gain a foothold in the emerging car market. For this purpose they founded a branch named «Overland Automotive Division», the first car of which has become a model of Runabout. In 1908 the company was bought by John Willis, and in 1912 he established «Willys-Overland Company». The Company engaged in manufacture of the famous series of Willys-Knight and later unveiled the Whippet. In 1953 the company «Willys-Overland» acquired Henry Kaiser, who renamed it in the «Willys Motors Inc». After that, the company won a «Studebecker Corporation» state tender for the production of military vehicles.

Independent existence did not last for long. In 1970 the company was taken over by «American Motors Corporation» and acquired a new name - «Jeep Corporation». It consisted of two branches - «Commercial Products Division» and «General Products Division». In 1971, the «General Products Division», formally remaining a unit of «American Motors», has received a new name - «AM General Corporation."

The history of the Hummer brand dates back to 1979. That was when the U.S. Army announced a tender for the creation of a tactical car, which would have come as an alternative to a small SUV series CJ. One year later - in July 1980 - «AM General» began testing its prototype HMMWV Desert in Nevada. Having won contract from opponents of «General Dynamics» and «Teledyne», over the next 10 months prototypes of «AM General» got a free pass. In March 1983 the company received from the U.S. Army an order for 55 000 copies of HMMWV over 5 years.

Despite the fact that the state contract guaranteed the company the good financial existence, in the 80's the company changed owners twice, and in 1992 became the property of «Renco Group Inc». The Gulf War was a kind of a big advertising company for the base model of AM General – HMMW V Car, which became a hero of numerous reports from the battlefields.

Increased public interest in Hummer led leadership of «AM General» to a brilliant idea – to produce a civilian version of the car. Thus was born the Hummer - one of the largest SUVs in the world.

The military HMMWV as a whole is almost not differ technically from the civilian Hummer HMMWV (except, of course, armor, mounts for machine guns, a variety of means of communication, etc.) - both SUV are installed the 6.5-liter turbo-diesel engine with a torque of 583 nm., independent suspension of all four wheels, unique wheel-drive system and a standard three-and four- stage transmission. Significant differences were observed inside the car - an expensive SUV could not be as austere as his military predecessor, which was created solely as a functional vehicle. That is why the designers group of GM («AM General» part of the company since the late 90's of the last century) seriously redeveloped civilian Hummer.

Over time, the company realized that in order to do better in the market it is necessary to create a new model – and that was why Baby Hummer or H2 appeared. The basic idea of ​​a new jeep is that it should no longer be considered exotic. The creators did their best to distance themselves from the military past of the Jeep - Baby Hummer has become more accessible and popular, not only in the U.S. military and millionaires, but also among ordinary middle class. Now Hummer H2 is assembled even in Russia - Kaliningrad plant Avtotor.

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