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The company was known in the 60th, when it produced CV8 coupe and Interceptor. Interceptor FF was the first all-wheel drive coupe in the world and the first sports car equipped with ABS. However, despite the success by the end of the decade the business of the brand faltered and was reorganized by the British importer from the US - Kyuellom Quayle. Under his leadership, roster Jensen Healey was manufactured, a successor of no longer existing Austin-Healey. But this effort failed and the brand Jensen almost gone down into the depth of history.

Jensen began with the revival of the company «Creative Group». Company boss - Graham Morris - the former head of Rolls-Royce and former board member of Rover and Audi.

Once there were found £ 10 million for the prototype shown, the company began to develop a serial specimen. Surprisingly - money was raised very quickly and the list of sponsors included: Department of Trade and Industry of Liverpool City Council, and 20 private investors, including Lord Simpson's ex-chairman and chairman of Rover engineering giant «GEC». Rebirth of the brand started with the native British. SV8 model was developed by two former designers of Jaguar. The car was equipped with a 4.6-liter American V8, and had an aluminum body. The Jensen company plans to manufacture 600 pieces of such cars a year.

Jensen model range

Jensen Technical Specifications

Full list of Jensen specifications
Jensen: Country of origin (UK)
Model Max Power 0-100 Km/h Mixt
1 1998 Jensen CV8 329HP (242 kW) @ 5800 rpm n/a 9.5 l/100km
2 1998 Jensen S-V8 329HP (242 kW) @ 5800 rpm n/a 9.5 l/100km
3 1987 Jensen Interceptor S4 n/a n/a 9.5 l/100km
4 1976 Jensen GT 146HP (107 kW) @ 6500 rpm n/a 9.5 l/100km
5 1975 Jensen Interceptor Coupé 218HP (160 kW) @ 5200 rpm n/a 9.5 l/100km
6 1972 Jensen Healey 141HP (104 kW) @ 6500 rpm n/a 9.5 l/100km
7 1972 Jensen Interceptor Mk III S4 287HP (211 kW) @ 4800 rpm n/a 9.5 l/100km
8 1971 Jensen Interceptor FF Mk III 304HP (223 kW) @ 4800 rpm n/a 9.5 l/100km
9 1971 Jensen Interceptor Mk III 304HP (223 kW) @ 4800 rpm n/a 9.5 l/100km
10 1971 Jensen SP Automatic 390HP (287 kW) @ 4700 rpm n/a 9.5 l/100km

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