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Volga Automobile Plant (AvtoVAZ) - Russian company, the leader of the domestic auto industry for many years.

The factory is located in the city of Togliatti (Samara region). Its construction began back in 1967. The first line, designed to produce 220,000 cars a year, was commissioned in 1971. The first vehicle, descended from the conveyor line of VAZ was the model 2101, designed on the basis of the Italian car Fiat-124. "Kopeika" (Smallest coin: 100 kop. make 1 ruble), this was the nick-name given to this model by the people. It was the first-born of the factory and became a truly mass passenger car for many of the Soviet citizens.

In 1977 there came a new model of VAZ. It was the all-wheel drive Niva - the VAZ-2121. Years passed and Togliatti cars improved. The factory mastered the production of new rear-wheel drives and front wheel drive models and developed export options of cars. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the AvtoVAZ company like many other industrial giants in the country had to enter the period of full restructuring of its activities. The crisis proved to be quite lengthy, but the plant still managed to reverse the situation and gradually began increasing the production of vehicles. In the late 90's the new, the tenth family of cars descended the assembly line.

AvtoVAZ is now being actively developed and is confident of its future: updating the lineup, building long-term and rather promising cars (Lada Kalina, Lada Priora), cooperating with the GM concern.

Currently, the majority of shares of the Togliatti automotive giant are owned by the alliance of Renault-Nissan that shall be engaged in further development of the factory and its gradual transition to the new industrial concept.

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