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In 1920, Henry and Wilfred Leland organized their own car plant and named it in honor of the deceased US president - Abraham Lincoln. In 1921 the company produced its first car of "lux" class - Lincoln V8, equipped with a very powerful engine of its own design. They assumed a good sale, but sedan was not demanded. The company ran into financial problems and was bought by Henry Ford in 1922.

As part of Ford company «Lincoln» was seen as a status symbol and has always been a favorite model among high government officials. In 1932, the market was presented with Lincoln KB with engine V12. The Design Center was established In 1939 and in the same year there was produced a convertible Lincoln Continental, well-received in the highest circles of society. Production of the Continental was continued after the Second World War. In 1956 the production of the Continental series was continued. The result was a successful model of Lincoln Premier. Continental has also been upgraded.

In the 70s Lincoln was equipped with units and blocks of Ford and the style changed again. Since 1984 they began to make coupe Lincoln Continental MK VII luxury class. Aerodynamic body, electronically adjustable suspension and anti-lock made Lincoln Continental coupe worthy car.

Since January 1997 Lincoln has the most luxurious SUV in the United States, produced on the basis of Ford Expedition.

Lincoln model range

Lincoln Technical Specifications

Full list of Lincoln specifications
Lincoln: Country of origin (US)
Model Max Power 0-100 Km/h Mixt
1 2010 Lincoln MKS 279HP (205 kW) @ 6250 rpm n/a 12.38 l/100km
2 2010 Lincoln MKS AWD 279HP (205 kW) @ 6250 rpm n/a 12.38 l/100km
3 2010 Lincoln MKS EcoBoost 360HP (265 kW) @ 5500 rpm n/a 11.76 l/100km
4 2009 Lincoln MKZ AWD 267HP (196 kW) @ 6250 rpm n/a n/a
5 2009 Lincoln MKT 274HP (201 kW) @ 6250 rpm n/a n/a
6 2009 Lincoln MKT AWD 274HP (201 kW) @ 6250 rpm n/a n/a
7 2009 Lincoln MKT EcoBoost 360HP (265 kW) @ 5700 rpm n/a n/a
8 2009 Lincoln MKZ 267HP (196 kW) @ 6250 rpm n/a n/a
9 2007 Lincoln MKS AWD 273HP (201 kW) @ 6250 rpm n/a 12.3 l/100km
10 2007 Lincoln MKR Concept 420HP (309 kW) @ 0 rpm n/a 12.3 l/100km

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