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The history of this little-known car brand starts during the Second World War, when the two Mahindra brothers decided to form car production in India. One of the two brothers, John was then the head of the diplomatic mission of India in Washington. For the sake of business, he quitted his diplomatic career and founded the firm «Mahindra & Mahindra». The second brother - Clark at the same time held the position of First Deputy Finance Minister of Pakistan. He involved himself into the plans of his brother.

So, the company «Mahindra & Mahindra», began manufacturing the fIndian counterparts of the famous rover Willys-Overland in 1945. They managed to produce the first car only in 1965. In the 80's, in addition to chariots and pickups with load capacity of 815 kg. (License Willys CJ-3B) they began assembling new models (license Jeep CJ-7 and CJ-8). Externally the late model series can be distinguished by a low hood, smoother lines and fine mesh of radiator grille. Based on the new models they created long-wheelbase vehicles of Commander (two types of chariot – with a central pillar, and without it, and a wagon), 3- and 5-door 8-seat wagon series CL, and their five-seat version of the Commander Marchal with a folding rear seat row by removing which can be obtained the cargo compartment with volume of 2.5 m3. Short-wheelbase Runabouts (cut-out openings instead of doors) of CL series are exported to Germany since 1993. The greatest demand in the country are long-wheelbase Phaeton-wagons.

In the early 90's the production of commercial and comfortable 5-door 5- and 7-seater SUV and Armada Armada Grand was mastered. In finishing of the passenger compartment they used various fabrics (only Armada Grand). Licensed 55-strong (now 62 hp) diesel engine of Peugeot with displacement of 2.1 l has ousted voracious petrol engine model of the 40's in 1982.

Recently «Mahindra» signed an agreement with «Eurasia Motors», which will assemble and sell model of Bolero GLX, Scorpio and pickups.

During Moscow's "Motor Show 2002" there were talks about establishing a joint venture in Russia to organize assembling of SUV of Scorpio model, which is the first independent design of the company. The first batch of cars of Mahindra was assembled at the facilities of the Gorky car plant in 2005.

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