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50 ml of gasoline per 100 km: it's real

Students of Spanish "Miguel Hernandez University" managed to build car, that can travel 2,000 km on one liter of gasoline. The creators have named their creation - "Datil 12" and will test his ability in the annual competition "Shell Eco-Marathon". The aim of the contest is to select the most cost-effective and long-term vehicle.

Over the "Datil 12" (it is difficult to call this by a car), the Spaniards worked for 9 months. It's mass is only 38 kg, length 3.2 m, width and height - of 60 and 50 cm respectively. According to project's leader - professor Miguel Oliva, his team has already participated in competitions with the previous generation of car, and in the last year, they were able to pass exactly 1455 km on one liter of fuel. This year, the "Datil 12" was finalized, the engine and transmission have undergone changes and as result, it will be able to pass 2,000 km on one liter of fuel.

In the competition "Shell Eco-Marathon", that will held in Rotterdam from 17 to 19 May, will bring together more than 250 teams. This year, cars will not go on a special speedway, they will go on city streets. The main task is to overcome the maximum distance with minimum fuel consumption, the speed shall not be less than 25 km/h.

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