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BMW and Hyundai want to produce engines together

Apparently, the leadership of BMW and the Korean company Hyundai began negotiations to join forces to develop a new generation of gasoline engines! According to Reuters, negotiations are at an early stage, but it is possible, that formal agreement to work together will sign this year.

Such cooperation would be interesting to all. The Bavarian company was able to significantly accelerate the creation of a new generation of efficient engines. In addition, cooperation with Hyundai-Kia alliance would allow BMW to save a lot of money. Well, the Koreans would be able to yell at all the corners that their new engines made jointly with BMW. However, both parties have denied the fact of the negotiations.

It is worth noting, that BMW has joint projects with many automobile companies. Thus, the Bavarians have entered into an agreement with Toyota to create a new generation of lithium-ion batteries, with GM (they cooperate in the development of green-fuel cars).

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