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New Opel was named - Adam

Opel announced the name of its new model, which will be the smallest in the line of the company.

Previously, all suggested that the new "baby" will be called Junior, but the Germans have decided differently. The new Opel, official premiere of which will be held in late September at the "Paris Motor Show", will be called Adam. And not just in honor of the first man on earth (:)) - the company founder's name was Adam - Adam Opel.

Appearance of Opel Adam kept in secret. The German company has extended only a few "spy" shots of this model. As expected, the length of Opel Adam will be only 3.7 m (for comparison, Corsa has a 4.0 m). But Adam is obtained on 154 mm longer than Fiat 500 and on 160 mm longer than Volkswagen Up!

It is assumed, that under the hood of Opel Adam will set the three-cylinder engine with volume 1.0 liters, which would require only 3.5 liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers. In addition, should appear a diesel engines with small volume.

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