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New Toyota Corolla

The new generation of Toyota Corolla, which will be launched next year, will be released not only as sedan, but also in hatchback and wagon (thus the name of the Auris will be eliminated).

Corolla at the outset will be sold in Europe not only with petrol and diesel engines, but with a hybrid powertrain, although it's performance still kept in secret. Moreover, it is possible, that Toyota will begin selling two hybrids at once. One of them will get the old hybrid installation (as Prius and other hybrid Toyota and Lexus). Second hybrid can be recharged from an ordinary electrical outlet. This means, that such machine for short runs do not require gasoline!

Externally, the new Corolla, for sure, would resemble a miniature Camry. Car will receive a large number of various "bells and whistles", which, incidentally, is not set on Camry now. It is a systems of control the movement of the bands, the automatic cruise control and so on - european buyers have started to get used to such security systems.

P.S. By the way, Toyota has introduced a new Corolla in the Japanese market - there sedan called the Corolla Axio and wagon called Corolla Fielder. However, european cars are very different from the Japanese counterparts.

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