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Nissan Juke-R: 590 000 USD

The Japanese have decided with cost of off-road supercar - Nissan Juke-R. According to the American edition "Insideline", which refers to David Reiter (vice-president of the japanese manufacturer in the USA), the cost of the crossover will be 590 thousand dollars.

According to his words, the high price is justified by the fact, that Juke-R will be an unique car, which will be made ​​solely for each owner. It is intended for collectors and those, who want to own a truly innovative means of transportation. In total, Japanese are going to produce no more than 25 copies of Juke-R in a year. According to unconfirmed reports, three cars have been already ordered, one of them will going to the UAE this summer.

Recall, Nissan Juke-R is equipped with a V6 engine with volume of 3.8 liter, two-stage turbocharging system and a power of 550 hp. As transmission using six-stage robotic transmission with two clutches. The car is equipped with all-wheel drive, the interior is executed in the spirit of the supercar Nissan GT-R.

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