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Porsche is preparing its first sedan

Porsche is going to release a four-door car! This sensational information published by German magazine "AutoBild". According to the newspaper, the new car will be less than Panamera, and its main rivals will be such models as Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6 and BMW 5-Series.

No one knows as will be called the new model. At this moment, the project codenamed - Pajun, which can be translated as the Panamera Junior. It is expected, that this model will be available only in 2017, but it is now clear, that the car's engine will have not less than 313 hp (and they will issue by diesel engine). Petrol engines will be able to please the driver by 320, 420 and even 520 "horses".

Interestingly, that Porsche Pajun will be produced not only as sedan (the model will be positioned as a four-door coupe), but also as a station wagon! And it's will be the first wagon in production line of company. Up to this point, Porsche made ​​cars with this type of bodywork, only as an experiment.

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