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Smart plans to launch an electric scooter in 2014

Smart Company is ready to launch into a series an electric scooter in 2014, that will be create on base of the prototype, named "Smart Escooter", which was introduced in 2010 in Paris. According to the vice-president of "Mercedes-Benz", Joachim Schmidt, company will show another side of urban mobility.

Concept moped was powered by a modest battery-powered electric motor, issuing only 5 hp, range of the prototype was 100 miles, top speed - 45 km/h. The company notes, that for mass production will be created more thoroughly researched and improved version. Moreover, the scooter will be unmistakably identified as the product of Smart.

It is interesting, that Germans have long been trying to create a vehicle's electric. Among the prototypes of Smart, were spotted "Smart Fortwo" and a bicycle with an electric motor. Already this summer in a series will come coupe and hatchback with an electric motor (the cost of new products has not been disclosed).

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