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The Chinese will equip their cars with Bosch music system

"Chery Automobile Company" has entered into an agreement with "Bosch China", to create a joint company for develop and produce multimedia systems for Chery cars. Also in the creation of the company will participate firm "Atech Electronics", on which plants will begin production of goods. Research Centre will be established jointly by "Bosch Automotive" and "Chery Automobile" in Wuhu, China.

According to the management of Chinese company, this move will allow to equip "Chery" cars with high quality and high-tech multimedia products. In turn, top managers of German companies see this collaboration as strengthening the position of Bosch in the rapidly expanding Asian market, particularly in China.

Work of company will begin after recieving the permission from local authorities, without which, it is impossible to establish joint ventures with foreign companies.

We recall, that not so long ago, Jaguar Land Rover, owned by Indian company "Tata Motors", reached an agreement with Chinese company "Chery Automobile" to commence proceedings in the PRC. The new company will not only produce Jaguar and Land Rover cars for the Chinese market, but also to develop new models for new brands.

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