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The new Opel Zafira will build on the French-based

A new generation of monocab Opel Zafira will probably be built jointly with the French engineers of the "PSA Peugeot Citroen". And according to the German newspaper "Spiegel", it will be only first step in a deeper co-operation of General Motors and the French group. And this is not done just so - in General Motors are trying to make Opel profitable.

Most likely, new Zafira (it will be a notch below the Zafira Tourer) will be built on a French platform on which was made ​​Citroen Picasso. In addition, there is speculation, that the next generation of Opel Astra also will be made ​​jointly with the French - thus, new Astra, Peugeot 309 and Citroen C4 will have the same base. Moreover, it is possible, that these models will be manufactured on the same plants in the future! All this will allow Opel to significantly reduce costs.

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