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Toyota wants to revive Supra

In the past century, Toyota produced a very wide range of various sports cars. Then, however, came the time of "biting the bullet" and such legendary models as Supra and Celica were stopped to produce. But Toyota will soon again become one of the leaders in the class of "popular" sports cars. The Japanese have already started releasing of Coupe GT 86 and three years later will appear new Supra.

According to preliminary data, the new car will be a real supercar - this model will be nearly 400 "horses" and four-wheel drive. Moreover, there is information that the engine of Supra will be located behind the front seats. And that too interesting, Supra will become ... a hybrid. At the heart of the power plant will be a 3.5-liter gasoline engine, which will get help from the electric engine. The latter will receive power from a lithium-ion batteries (they can be recharged from the mains).

It is assumed, that the new generation of Toyota Supra on the US market would cost of about 60,000 dollars.

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