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When a company belonging to the Maserati brothers was at the edge of financial doom, rich Orsi family came to succor. Soon after the Orsi family took the power and Bindo, Ettore and Ernesto had worked at the company for ten more years. In 1947 the brothers founded their own company and called it the Officine Specializzate Costruzione Automobili Fratelli Maserati or the O.S.C.A. The company was located in the old houses of Maserati in Bologna. It was also the place where they built the first racing model of O.S.C.A. with 1089 cm3 engine. The car took part in Formula 2 racings. The Maserati brothers also designed the V12 engine with 4472 cm3 capacity that the old Maserati-4СLТ racing chassis had been equipped with.

The O.S.C.A. specialized in race cars and power packs design and construction. In 1954 the O.S.C.A. car with 1453 cm3 capacity won a12-hour race at Sebring. It resulted in big orders from the American race car fans. Due to the obtained financial stability the O.S.C.A. built a new plant at San Lazzaro di Savena located not far from Bologna. 40 employees annually constructed 20-30 custom-made sports cars. In 1958 the first small-capacity sports car with high-efficiency 4-cyllinder engine with mere 749 cm3 was produced.

In 1959 the O.S.C.A. signed a profitable contract with the FIAT Group. The O.S.C.A. got the right to manufacture its 1,5L engine. From then onward the engine was installed at different sports coupes constructed by the Maserati brothers. In 1963 the O.S.C.A. entered the MV-Agusta Group and the Maserati brothers had worked independently for three more years.

Today the company keeps on constructing exclusive custom sports cars.

Osca model range

Osca Technical Specifications

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Osca: Country of origin (IT)
Model Max Power 0-100 Km/h Mixt
1 1998 Osca 2500 GT 189HP (139 kW) @ 6000 rpm n/a 8.5 l/100km
2 1966 Osca 1050 S Spider 62HP (46 kW) @ 5800 rpm n/a 8.5 l/100km
3 1964 Osca 1600 TC 126HP (93 kW) @ 6800 rpm n/a 8.5 l/100km
4 1959 Osca 1600 GT 141HP (104 kW) @ 0 rpm n/a 8.5 l/100km
5 1959 Osca 1600 GT2 106HP (78 kW) @ 6000 rpm n/a 8.5 l/100km
6 1954 Osca MT4 1500 121HP (89 kW) @ 6300 rpm n/a 8.5 l/100km

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