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In the early 1900 Eugene Panunzio immigrated from Italy to the USA and became a champion boxer. As well as many other immigrants he shortened his last name into Panoz. The Italian family settled down in the West Virginia and in 1960 Eugene Panunzio’s son – Donald invested a heap of money into a pharmaceutical company.

In 1969 Donald and his family moved to Ireland to start manufacturing pharmaceuticals.

In 1988 Donald’s son who was 26 years old, found a job in a small car repair shop. Later he purchased this shop as well as the manufacturing rights for chassis designed by Frank Costin. The latter one was famous for chassis construction for the Maserati and Lister.

In 1989 Donald established his own automobile manufacturing company called the Panoz. Using Costin’s chassis as a starting point Daniel and two other engineers started creating their first car.

Today the Panoz manufactures various exclusive sport cars for general use roads and race tracks.

Panoz model range

Panoz Technical Specifications

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Panoz: Country of origin (US)
Model Max Power 0-100 Km/h Mixt
1 1999 Panoz Esperante 324HP (238 kW) @ 6000 rpm n/a 8.5 l/100km

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