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An immigrant from Norway - Kjell Qvale, who moved to the West coast of the USA after the World War II, was crazy about the European race cars. After the war there was a demand for non-expensive sports cars. This kind of demand was pretty well satisfied by the British car manufacturers. In 1947 Qvale became a dealer of the British MG in San Francisco and the success followed him right away. In 1953 Qvale founded the Riviera Motors which imported the German cars and exotic cars to the USA – Volkswagen cars in particular. Soon after the incredible popularity of Volkswagen Beetle played into the hands of Qvale and he managed to expand his business. He started selling Porsche and Audi in the USA. In the early 1970-s Qvale became friends with an Italian car manufacturer Alejandro de Tomaso and hit the jackpot again. Maserati, which de Tomaso owned at that time, became a cult sports car for the next decade in the USA. Qvale sold 90% of all Maserati cars produced, which was up to 5000 cars a year! Further on Qvale decided to promote the De Tomaso cars among the American sports cars fans. The American automobile connoisseurs still consider these exotic cars to be unique and off the beaten track. This idyll had lasted until the late 1980-s… At long last de Tomaso and Qvale didn’t manage to dispose of an issue concerning the payments for the warranty repairs of the cars sold in the USA and they parted ways. Nevertheless the American business wasn’t really affected by it. As to the present day Qvale is one of the biggest private importers in the USA. They sell such cars as Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, Honda, Audi, Subaru. Porsche and Volkswagen reacquired their dealer networks from Qvale and it had also been a super business. The Qvale has sold over 1,5 million cars for its 50-years history!

A few years ago Kjell’s son Qvale Bruce who had been in love with the De Tomaso cars since he was a child, decided to start cooperation with De Tomaso again. Despite the fact that Signor de Tomaso was very ill and could neither move nor talk, he still had a reputation of a hard despot.

Freedom-loving and kind-hearted Bruce Qvale, being a true American, had long been tolerant to de Tomaso family’s tricks. The Italians kept on slowing down the development of Mangusta-2 model again and again, and Qvale, who was very tolerant but had his own principles, couldn’t but have burst a vein, - “We have love and respect for Signor de Tomaso and his cars, but we have made huge investments into Mangusta’s revival and you won’t be able to stop us”. A couple of scandal meetings ended up pretty well to everybody’s admiration. At first de Tomaso didn’t want to talk to the Americans willing to save him, at all, but finally he just pulled the license for the new Mangusta to be called with his name. The terms of the contract concluded between Bruce Qvale and de Tomaso kept Qvale’s rights to the car and the Mangusta name and it was not to be appealed!

The Americans took 37 employees from the De Tomaso and all the equipment and the Mangusta prototypes. The world saw a new sports cars manufacturer called Qvale-Modena. Qvale decided to keep on manufacturing the Mangusta-2 in Italian Modena in spite of the cheaper production in the USA. Today the Qvale-Modena Mangusta is manufactured at the company’s plant by 100 qualified employees.

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Qvale: Country of origin (US)
Model Max Power 0-100 Km/h Mixt
1 2000 Qvale Mangusta 324HP (238 kW) @ 6000 rpm n/a 8.1 l/100km

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