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The reason why this company was established was the striving of its owner Arthur Wolstenholme for the revival of the vintage 50’s race cars production. The first model to be produced was W152 which was launched into production in 1987. It was a 2-passenger sports car with classical 1st generation 40-50’s body made of composites and equipped with Jaguar engine (straight six or V8 with capacity of up to 600HP). In other words it was a common replicar manufactured using the modern assemblies and equipment.

The second model was called Lighting and it was a tribute to the 70’s. The core of its body had the roll bar with the central backbone. It was a two-seater cabriolet, made of the carbon fiber. The car was equipped with 8-cylinder V Mustang Cobra (4,6L, 320 HP) engine, which was hand assembled at the plant in American Romeo (Michigan). The car had a 5-speed Borg Warner manual transmission. The rear drive axle was with LSD and all the wheels were fitted with independent spring suspension on duplex triangular arms. The top speed for the car was 290 km/h and it took 4,6 seconds for the car to reach 100 km/h from the dead stop.

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