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Magnificent Toyota Aurion, unlike popular in Europe and Asia Toyota Auris, is designed and is issued specially for Australians. This car - a standard of controllability both in the city, and on the route. By the way, «Aurion» in a translation from Greek means "tomorrow".

The model is created on the basis of Toyota Camry SV40. But it is difficult to guess it, looking at a graceful body Aurion's Toyota which, except everything, seems much more solidly than the predecessor. The profile and streamline lines design of this car faultless. Smooth outlines of headlights a soft stroke leave in a body profile. Only doorways and salon give out relationship of model with Camri's Toyota.

Toyota Aurion with the petrol engine in volume of 3,5 l and capacity of 200 h.p. is equipped with a 6-step automatic transmission. Admire technical characteristics of Toyota Aurion TRD - sports updating of model with 3,5 litrovymv-obraznym6-cylinder engine with a turbocharger having capacity of 327 h.p. The main feature of this updating - a firm superchardzher of Eaton TVS (a turbocharger with two screw shaft). Exactly thanks to it the engine has such capacity. Transmission the six-step automatic. Drive forward. The car reaches 100 km/h for 6,1 pages. Also it seems that the maximum speed of 250 km/h is limited only on a speedometer.

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