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It is a comfortable and fairly roomy minivan, which was first introduced in 1989. The car has an unusual egg-shaped body design. Comfortable cabin designed to accommodate 6-7 people in it. On sale are two versions of the Toyota Preview: the engine of 2.4 liters or 2.2 liters of diesel fuel. It has gasoline engine dynamic and economical turbo diesel. Japan sold and hybrid version of the car, it has in common with the Toyota Prius. Body Toyota Prevost has a frame structure, and in this it is similar to SUVs. Four doors, which are also unusual - rear side door only and is to the right. For the most equipped version available optional air conditioning for the rear passengers.

Middle rows of seats are double or triple, hence the variability of capacity. The engine is available in the database under the floor of the car body, making estate more sustainable. It should be noted that the rear suspension is very durable, and this car is going to do in Japan, which affects the quality and price. Specifications Toyota Previa not the best and not the worst in its class. A complete set of Toyota Previa overcome the time, which is on-board refrigerator, a lot of different glove compartments, niches and holder, two hatches - one in front, the second - for the passengers. Toyota Previa is a modern road liner.

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List of Toyota Previa specifications

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Years Modification Name Hp Engine Length 0-100 Km/h Max speed
2001 - 2013 Toyota Previa 2.0 D-4D 116 hp 1995 cm³ 4750 mm 7.2 sec. 175 Km/h
2001 - 2013 Toyota Previa 2.4 16V AT 156 hp 2362 cm³ 4750 mm 11.2 sec. 180 Km/h
2001 - 2013 Toyota Previa 2.4 16V MT 156 hp 2362 cm³ 4750 mm 10.9 sec. 185 Km/h
2000 - 2013 Toyota Previa 3.0 i V6 24V 220 hp 2995 cm³ 4750 mm — sec. 180 Km/h
1992 - 2000 Toyota Previa 2.2 TD 100 hp 2184 cm³ 4765 mm — sec. 160 Km/h
1990 - 2000 Toyota Previa 2.4 132 hp 2438 cm³ 4765 mm 11.5 sec. 175 Km/h
1990 - 2000 Toyota Previa 2.4 16V 4X4 132 hp 2438 cm³ 4750 mm 13.3 sec. 175 Km/h

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