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Ulyanovsk automobile plant is a Russian company to produce cars and trucks.

The factory was founded in 1942 based on evacuated part of equipment of the Moscow ZIL factory. In February of that year the first car was assembled, and in 1943 their production already reached 4000. After the Second World War there has been launched the production of the famous UAZ-based on "GAZ-69." In 1972 the plant started mass production of SUVs "UAZ-469" and "UAZ-469" B.

In the years of political stability and the boosting economic development of the socialistic period of Russia, UAZ provided the Soviet army and the armies of the Warsaw Pact with very reliable and low maintenance off-road cars, which were used both on high ways and on heavy mud roads. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the socialist system and the start of total degrading and devastation of national economy the plant had to survive through hard times. And yet, UAZ got out of the crisis, and gradually began increasing the production of its vehicles.

In 2003 UAZ started the production of its cars in Vietnam, and in August 2005 started the production of a basically new SUV - UAZ Patriot, which is capable to compete with many foreign made vehicles of the same class. Now the factory is working on new modifications of "Patriot" and is improving the quality of assembly of the said SUVs.

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