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Venturi was founded in 1984 in France by Gérard Godfroy and Claude Poiraud. From the very beginning it was exclusive sports cars oriented. In 1989 the Venturi became the official name of the company. In May 1987 the Cholet plant produced the first production car called MVS-Venturi. In 1994 the company was purchased by an Irish businessman Hobert O’Neil , who launched manufacturing of Atlantique 300.

In 1996 the company was sold in the consequence of financial problems. It was acquired by a Thai manufacturer Sere Rakvitu and then it was repurchased by Gildo Pallanca Pastor who came from Monaco. By 1999 the Venturi company had already produced 7-8 thousand cars per month. In 2002 Venturi Fetish was demonstrated at an automobile show in Geneva. It cost 540 000 Euro and was equipped with electric engine. The car could travel 350 km on a single battery charge (top speed – 170 km/h and it takes 4,5 seconds for the car to reach 100 km/h).

Soon the company is going to launch a short-series manufacturing of this sports coupe car.

Venturi model range

Venturi Technical Specifications

Full list of Venturi specifications
Venturi: Country of origin (FR)
Model Max Power 0-100 Km/h Mixt
1 2003 Venturi Fetish 179HP (132 kW) @ 6500 rpm 6 seconds 8.3 l/100km

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