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Vespa is a European company founded in 1913. The company had existed for 4 years only and it managed to give birth to a single 8HP model. Its long-stroke 4-cylinder single-block power pack with 1458 cm3 capacity developed 20HP at 1500 rounds per minute. The car was equipped with cardan drive and 3-speed transmission. In 1914 it demonstrated the speed of 90 km/h at a local race. In the end of 1917 Vespa shut down production of passenger cars and today the Vespa manufactures non-expensive motor scooters.

Vespa model range

Vespa Technical Specifications

Full list of Vespa specifications
Vespa: Country of origin (FR)
Model Max Power 0-100 Km/h Mixt
1 1957 Vespa 400 n/a -1 seconds 8.3 l/100km

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