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Volkswagen Crafter

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Volkswagen Crafter — the commercial car of the German company Volkswagen. Intensive release of models of a similar class began at the beginning of 2000 with an exit of new Transporter, in 2004 was continued Caddy. And here in April, 2006 there is Volkswagen Crafter, beginning thereby new chapter in the history of a model range of cars of the company.

Volkswagen Crafter body thanks to effective lines of the case, vertically located headlights and lateral moldings received design of the modern commercial car. The name of model says that Crafter is the excellent assistant who with success will cope with the tasks assigned to it. There is a large quantity of updatings of Volkswagen Crafter, with main of them allocate four options of a body: passenger, van, chassis and onboard truck. Thanks to it maximum the volume of a cargo compartment can reach volume in 17 cubic meters. The car with a body a van can transport cargo in weight to 2 670 kgs.

If besides cargo model the additional car is necessary for daily use for you, Volkswagen Vento becomes an excellent choice. For more than acceptable price you can get second-hand or even new model which becomes excellent help to Crafter.

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