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The Wartburg was a small car manufacturing company. It was founded in Thuringian Eisenach and it produced the first car in 1898. The car was called after the name of a local castle. It was a copy of the French Decoville car with single-cylinder air-cooled engine of 3.5 hp power. In 1903 the cars with 4,5HP, 8,5HP and 10HP engines were launched into production. A year after the car started being sold under Dixi trade mark. The company became famous in 1927 after the release of a small DA-1 under the license of Austin Seven, which became prototype to the first BMW.

After the Second World War the plant in Eisenach was signed away to the GDR. At first it produced prewar DKV cars under IFA trade mark. Production of new sedans was launched in 1956 and it got its former name Wartburg. It was a humble 4-seated front-drive model with revised 3-cylinder two-cycle engine taken from the prewar DKV cars, which had been produced until the collapse of the GDR.

In the early 1990-s the Wartburg company was liquidated.

Wartburg model range

Wartburg Technical Specifications

Full list of Wartburg specifications
Wartburg: Country of origin (DE)
Model Max Power 0-100 Km/h Mixt
1 1967 Wartburg 312 45HP (33 kW) @ 4200 rpm n/a 11.7 l/100km
2 1967 Wartburg 353 W 50HP (37 kW) @ 4250 rpm n/a 11.7 l/100km
3 1957 Wartburg Sports Convertible 50HP (37 kW) @ 4200 rpm n/a 11.7 l/100km

Wartburg Gallery

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